Self-Parking Cars And Auto Valet Parking: The Wave Of The Future?


The Future Is Now

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but smartphones and robots are taking over as valets. While eliminating the need for human valets, automatic valets and self-parking cars are also reducing human error, and the sometimes uneasy feeling of a stranger handling your vehicle. 

But how do these technologies work? Are these options going to be widely available in the near future or are they going to restricted to larger cities and airports?

The Technology Involved

Automatic Valets

What if you could drive up to the airport, hop out, then leave a robot to safely park your car while you catch your flight without any hassle. This service already exists at an airport in Germany, and is spreading to cities that have limited and expensive real estate. An automatic valet is a large robot that picks the several tons of your vehicle up, then places the car in a parking garage that can fit many more cars than a standard one. The consumer parks their car in a parking bay that is actually a steel tray that allows the robot to slide wheels underneath your car and whisk it away. The device uses lasers to measure the exact size of your car and determines where your vehicle should be parked in the garage based on this information. 

Self-Parking Cars

There are a few different way that self-parking cars can work as a personal valet. In brands of cars with the self-parking feature, the driver can leave the vehicle to park on its own then request that the car retrieve them, through their electronic key system or through their smart phone. This service is best done out of a garage with human valets and may be better for street parking.

Several companies are also developing apps to park your own car. One app allows you park your car while out of the vehicle, while others are fully automatic. Some places are starting to put in a self-parking section that your car can be directed to.


Garages that host automatic valets can fit in a larger percentage of cars than a traditional garage. Cars can be packed in because there is not a need for driving and walking space. This is attractive to developers and investors. Having the robot park cars also saves time and gas so it is better for the environment overall.

The future may indeed be here now for these types of technologies, but they are still only in select areas and select cars at this point. For now, you can reach out to a professional service such as Epic Valet Inc to fulfill your valet needs.


24 February 2017

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