Things To Consider Before Shipping An Oversize Load


Planning to ship an oversize item, either to another company or client or between your own warehouses, is a little more complicated than scheduling a standard shipment. There are a variety of things you must be aware of so you can avoid problems once your item is on the truck. The following are a few things to keep in mind.

Specific Measurements

The easiest measurement for you to take within the warehouse is the basic dimensions. Follow the old adage to measure at least twice to ensure these dimensions are accurate. If you have a freight scale onsite, then use it to get an accurate weight measurement. This information is vital for your shipping company, as they cannot plan or give an accurate quote on shipping cost without it. If you don't have an onsite method for weighing oversize freight, the shipping company will need to send out a rep to make a quote. This may also be necessary for exceptionally oversized or odd-shaped items.

Consider Highway Regulations

One problem you will encounter with an oversize load are highway regulations, especially if interstate travel is necessary. An oversize load requires extra permits as well as escort vehicles. Smaller oversize loads or those traveling a short distance may only require once escort to lead and check for any blockages that could be encountered, while larger loads may require an additional rear escort. In some cases, you may even require extra permits for road closures during transports, or there may be an additional cost for a route planning service. Knowing all of this ahead of time is vital to ensuring an accurate quote.

Know Your Dock Specifications

One challenge that is often overlooked is at the dock itself. The issue can affect either the shipping or the receiving dock, so check both. First, you must make sure that the load can be maneuvered by the driver into position at the dock. While docks are logically made to accommodate a large truck, the receiving dock may not be approachable with an oversize load attached, or the truck could get stuck in place once the load is placed on the flatbed at the shipping dog. You must also check that both docks can safely hold the weight of the oversized shipment. All docks have weight ratings, so this is simple to check. If not, alternative arrangements for pickup or delivery may be required.

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24 February 2017

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