Car Service Around Orlando: How Far Will It Take You?


Car services in Orlando, Florida are a dime a dozen. You have taxis, ride-shares, Uber/Lyft, private cars, limos and black car service. The choice has less to do with whom you will ride with and more to do with how far you can go. Here are a few pointers on taking these car services once you land in Orlando.


Taxis will take you anywhere within the city and township limits of Orlando. Beyond the outskirts of Orlando, you are out of luck, although some taxi companies might acquiesce if riders are aware of fare increases beyond city limits. If you are not traveling far from the airport, then a taxi is a good way to travel.

Ride-Share Services

These are like taxis in that you get into a car to travel somewhere close, except that others may get into the same car with you. The driver makes several stops along the way to drop off the other passengers in the vehicle. Everyone in the vehicle splits the cost of the ride, from the airport to the last stop. The driver is able to calculate the cost of the fare and split it two or more ways depending on the number of passengers and stops along the way. It is cheaper than a cab in some respects because you are not paying full fare.

Independent Drivers and Their Cars

Independent drivers and their cars are paged through an app on your smartphone. Within Orlando, they can pick you up and take you anywhere within fifty miles. Unfortunately, if you travel outside of Orlando limits with these drivers, they will not drive all the way back out to get you because you are out of reach of the app's ability to notify them that you need service. Check the distance you are traveling with the app to make sure you can use this car service both directions when you are traveling in and around Orlando.

Private Cars

These are drivers who own a single vehicle and act as a car service. You pay them directly and they pick you up and drop you off based on a flat fee. There are no meters in the cars, so the fare is whatever the car's owner decides. They are also the least safe method of travel.

Black Car Service and Limos

Black car service and limos are quite common around the Orlando airport. These vehicles can be booked in advance, called for when you arrive, and some even sit and wait in the taxi lanes for passengers. It is a very pricey service, but you travel alone and in style. These vehicles only drive within city limits and to the various theme parks located in and around the city. Contact a business like Classic Transportation for more information.


28 February 2017

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