Advantages Of A Flat Rate Versus Metered Fare When Traveling To The Airport


When you book an airport taxi company or a car service to drive you from your home to the airport in advance of a flight, you may be able to request a vehicle that offers the type of payment that suits you best. Both types of transportation company will often give riders the option of paying a flat rate for the ride to the airport or paying the price on the meter. There can be advantages to both payment scenarios, and the more you travel to and from the airport, the more you'll be able to get a sense of which option works best at which time. Here are some advantages to consider about each method.

Flat Rate 

Opting to pay a flat rate for your ride to the airport can be enticing because you know precisely how much the ride will cost. Whether you wish to pay in cash and want to be sure that you're carrying enough currency with you or you're on a tight budget and want to keep the cost of the ride under a certain limit, the flat rate option can be the right choice. Some riders prefer this method because the cost won't increase if there's a lengthy detour or another delay on the road.

Metered Fare

You may wish to opt for metered fare, which is a common payment method offered by airport taxi companies. This payment option can be advantageous if you're traveling in low-traffic conditions. For example, if you're needing a ride to the airport in the predawn hours when there's little to no traffic on the road, the taxi driver will be able to carry you to the airport quickly. The result may be that your metered fare ends up costing you less than the company might otherwise charge for a flat rate to the airport.

Finding What Works Best

The benefit of choosing a transportation company that offers both payment methods is that you can decide what will suit you when you need to travel. For example, whereas booking a ride with metered fare may be good in low-traffic conditions, you might be better off opting to pay a flat rate if you have to travel to the airport during rush hour or if you know there's road construction taking place near the airport. You may wish to average out the metered fare that you pay per trip, consider it against the flat rate, and decide which payment method works best for you.


6 June 2017

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