Plan An Exciting And Educational Trip To The Grand Canyon


If you will be visiting the Grand Canyon with your spouse and teenagers next month and would like to learn as much as you can about the geographical feature, the tips below will help you plan a trip that will be exciting and educational for you and your family. 

Seek A Helicopter Ride For A Panoramic View

If a business, like Helinet, that provides helicopter charters is located near the hotel that you and your loved ones will be staying at, drive to it on one of the first days that you are on vacation and make reservations to have a pilot fly you and your family over the canyon. If you or your family members have never flown before and are nervous about doing so, try to relax and focus on the fact that the pilot is well-trained to safely handle a helicopter.

You will be provided with safety gear after entering the helicopter. Put on the gear and sit back and relax. After the helicopter lifts off, ask the pilot if they have some detailed information about the canyon. Perhaps, the pilot can point out specific parts of the canyon or describe in detail how the canyon was formed. If you brought your camera along with you, take pictures of the majestic canyon from your bird's eye view. 

Use Mules Or Horses To Descend Into The Base Of The Canyon

Many people who visit the Grand Canyon enjoy riding a mule or horse into the base of the canyon. Make plans for you and your family to reserve pack animals to ride. A guide will be provided to you during your journey, so you won't need to worry about getting lost. Pack animals are trained to walk swiftly and slowly so that you will be able to enjoy the scenery during the walk down into the canyon.

Prior to beginning the journey, pack some cold bottled beverages and snacks so that you and your family members can enjoy them when desired. Ask the leader to point out geographical locations and varieties of plants and wildlife that you observe. Breathe in the fresh air and take the time to appreciate the tranquil surroundings that are a complete opposite of the hectic lifestyle that you may normally be accustomed to. 

Drive Around The Upper Part Of The Canyon

After you have experienced the inner parts of the canyon, you may want to explore the upper part of the canyon while driving leisurely around the canyon's perimeter. There will be several areas that you can pull off the road so that you can exit your vehicle and observe the scenic wonder while standing. Ask your family members to stand alongside the upper part of the canyon and take photographs of them. Read markers and signs that are posted along the road to gain insight about the canyon's formation. 


21 November 2017

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