Top Features To Look For In A Boat For Bay Cruising


Sometimes, spending time on the water is all about fishing, skiing, or other waterway entertainment. However, spending time on the water can be just as much about getting from one point to the next along the bay of a certain body of water. If you are buying a boat that will primarily be used for transportation, you really will not want a pontoon, fishing vessel, or large cabin cruiser. There are certain features that work well on a boat that is planned to be used for everyday transportation. Here is a look at some of the attributes you should look for in a boat you plan to use for bay transportation. 

Comfortable Seating

Even if the trips you take on your boat are mostly going to be short ones, you will definitely want to ensure the boat you choose has a comfortable seating arrangement. Many boats have basic benches or pedestal seats because comfort is not a huge concern for recreational boating. With a transport boat, it is best to go for more luxury seating, such as bucket-style seats or padded benches if you plan to carry several passengers. Using the boat daily for transport along the bay will be much more enjoyable if the seats you have are comfortable to use. 

Fuel Efficiency 

Because a lot of boats are designed sheerly for recreational use, fuel efficiency is not something in mind when many of them are manufactured. If your boat will be a daily form of transportation, however, fuel efficiency is definitely something you should be concerned about. Whether you pick a boat with an inset or outbound motor, make sure you ask about the fuel efficiency of the motor model so you can use your boat without worry of using too much fuel. 

Weather Protection

The weather in some locations near the sea can be unpredictable; you never know when a rain cloud will blow over and drop precipitation in one form or another. Because of this, it is best that the boat you pick to carry you from one point to the next does have some form of overhead weather protection. A lot of basic bay boats have an awning attached that can be removed if you prefer to have the boat open. However, you can also get a retractable awning set up for your boat that can be opened and closed with the turn of a crank or push of a button. 


25 December 2017

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