Rent Bikes to Ride During a Trip to a Neighboring State


If you and your teenaged children will be taking a trip to a neighboring state and you would like to explore some of the tourist attractions and natural surroundings in the area, renting bikes and riding them around the area will provide you and your loved ones with an up close and personal look at each destination. Use the tips that follow to assist with getting the most out of your trip. 

Reserve Bikes in Advance

Call a bike rental company to reserve bicycles prior to embarking on your trip. When making reservations, provide information about each person's height and weight so that you will be provided with bikes that will be a suitable size and that will adequately support each person.

If you plan on visiting many locations while on your trip, consider renting the bikes for multiple days so that you will be able to take your time while riding the bikes and visiting chosen areas.

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Pack Gear

Purchase lightweight clothing that is constructed from stretchy fabric so that you and your children remain cool and comfortable while riding the rental bikes.

If you plan on riding the bikes for several hours in a row, you may become hungry or thirsty while en route to one or more of the destinations. Pack insulated backpacks with beverages and snacks. Buy safety gear, including bike helmets, knee and elbow pads, and reflective tape and use the safety items throughout the duration of each bike outing. 

Utilize a Map and Portable GPS

Research the town that you will be visiting so that you can choose places that you and your children would like to explore. Monuments, parks, and outdoor festivals are some places that you may wish to include in your plans. After studying a map, pack the map in your backpack so that you can easily access it during each outing.

Purchase a portable GPS and program the address to each destination that you and your children plan on visiting. If the GPS is attached to a strap, secure the strap to your rental bike's handlebars so that you can glance down at the navigation device as needed.

Otherwise, place the GPS inside of your backpack or a zippered pouch. The GPS will provide you with a direct route to each spot you plan to visit and will prevent you and your children from becoming lost during each outing. For more information on bike rentals, contact your local transportation service!


3 March 2018

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