Do You Know Limo Etiquette?


Whether you are traveling on business or for pleasure, a high-class ride from the airport is always in style. Rather than waiting around for a bus or shuttle, you can opt to hire an airport limo service to complete the journey to your destination.

If you have never ridden in a limo before, you need not worry about embarrassing yourself. Limo rides, while luxurious and comfortable, do not require that you pull out your formal attire. Read on to find out the top etiquette tips for riding in a limo.

Make Your Preferences Clear Early On

The sooner you can clue your driver in to any potential preferences you have, the better. For instance, you may have to request a special limo if you wish to smoke inside the vehicle.

You should also let your driver know as soon as possible if something, like the size of your party, changes. Each limo is selected based on the known needs of the riders. Even if you are only adding one or two people, you must let the company know in advance.

Remain Seated Until the Door Opens

Typically, limo rides with chauffeurs come with first-class service, meaning that he or she will open the door for you when it is time to exit the vehicle. You need not worry about letting yourself out when you have a professional chauffeur.

Keep All Body Parts Inside the Car

You might think it would be common sense to keep your limbs inside the vehicle, but there are still many passengers who try to stick hands, arms, and even heads out of the sunroof. If you fail to keep yourself inside the vehicle, you may experience serious injury.

Take Your Trash and Personal Items with You

If you brought anything with you into the limo, it should leave with you. Drivers work hard to maintain clean, professional vehicles so that all passengers can enjoy them. Chauffeurs appreciate your treatment of their vehicles.

Avoid Rowdy Behavior

In many cases, people enjoy being able to drink an adult beverage before or while in the limo (in states where this is legal). If you do so, ensure that you never engage in excessive drinking.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the ride. Hiring a limo to pick you up or drop you off at the airport can add a totally new spin on your trip, making you feel that you are truly living in the lap of luxury. For more information, contact your local limo airport transportation company.


8 July 2018

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