Transporting Your Massive Yacht Over Land: What This Looks Like


You have finally bought that massive yacht you have always wanted; good for you! Now your only problem will be to figure out how you are going to move it from the factory to the ocean. Boat transport services are available for this very thing, and here is what this process looks like from start to finish. 

Wide Load Coming Through-Permits Needed

The first thing the boat hauling company will do is apply for all of the necessary permits to haul a very large, very wide item over land and through several cities to get the boat to water. Part of the shipping fees they charge you are for the permits to do this. Once all of the permits have been granted to move your yacht along the planned route, then it is time to schedule a pickup from the factory. 

Special Extra Wide, Heavy-Duty Hauling Trailers Are Used

It is not every day that someone with a yacht is going to pull it from the water and haul it to another launch. That is precisely why manufacturers do not make trailers for boats this big. Boat movers, however, come prepared with very special, extra wide, extra long, heavy-duty hauling trailers. The manufacturer will help load your yacht onto this special trailer, help secure it, and then the caravan for this delivery begins. 

Max Speed: Ten Miles an Hour

This yacht of yours is several tons of fiberglass, steel, glass, wood, etc.. It has to be hauled very slowly to avoid major accidents and avoid having the boat pull too hard on its restraints. Ten miles an hour is the maximum speed for anything oversized like this, but your hauling company is more likely to take it at five miles an hour. That is primarily the reason why they needed all those permits; they have to move through city streets and back roads rather than on highways and freeways. Along with the driver of the truck and trailer, there will be two or more police escorts with flashing lights leading and following the oversized trailer and your yacht. They are attempting to clear traffic ahead of the load and prevent people from getting too close from behind. 

Two to Four Weeks to Go from Manufacturer to Water

Typically, it takes two to four weeks to move a boat this slowly over land from a manufacturer to the open ocean. It depends on how large the boat is, how far from the ocean the manufacturer is, and whether or not there are any delays along the way. Once your boat has successfully been placed in the water and tied down, you are notified that your yacht is ready for cruising. 


11 August 2019

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