Renting A Wheelchair-Accessible Van For Your Trip


There can be many instances where wheelchair users may find themselves needing to rent a van. Often, this can be when traveling to a new location for the first time. There are rental services that you can use to procure one of these vans.

Verify That The Wheelchair Can Be Accommodated By The Rental Van

Whenever you are considering renting a van, it is critical to ensure that the van will be able to accommodate your wheelchair. Taking accurate measurements of the dimensions of your wheelchair can help you with verifying that it can fit in the van. However, you will also want to consider the location of the interior straps that will hold the wheelchair in place during the drive. Lastly, you will want to know whether the rental van provides its own straps or whether you will need to bring your own.  

Consider The Fuel Economy Of The Van

Due to the large size of a van, it is common for these vehicles to be far less fuel-efficient than smaller cars. Unfortunately, if you are needing to drive the van over long distances or to keep it idling for long periods of time, the fuel economy will have to be a factor that you consider. Otherwise, you could find that you will have to spend far more to keep the van fueled than you had previously expected. For those traveling on a strict budget, this could be a surprise that may interfere with their ability to enjoy themselves on the trip or to travel everywhere that they are needing to go. Most rental services will provide estimated fuel economy numbers for the various vans that they have available so you can make an informed choice.

Always Insure The Rental Van

One mistake that people will frequently make when renting vehicles is failing to buy enough insurance for the vehicle. This can lead to them potentially being liable in the event that there is an accident involving the rental van. When purchasing insurance for the rental van, you should be particularly mindful of the coverage limits as well as the deductible that will be required. Luckily, most rental providers can offer this type of coverage for their customers, and the cost will be fairly negligible compared to the amount of protection that the insurance is offering. If you fail to have sufficient coverage, you may be responsible for the costs of repairing damages that occur to the van while you are renting it.

For more information about renting a wheelchair-accessible rental van, contact a local rental agency.


5 October 2021

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