Three Useful Features To Have On Your Dump Truck


There are lots of topics to think carefully about when you're in the market for a new dump truck. Not only will you need to consider what length and hauling capacity the truck should have for your needs, but you'll also need to consider how many axles it should have and what style of dump box is best. Don't overlook assessing the many different features that are present on certain dump truck models, as you may find yourself using these features frequently over the lifespan of this work vehicle. Here are three useful features to consider having on your dump truck.

Side Ladder

One handy feature to look for when you shop for a new dump truck is a ladder that is mounted to the side of the dump body. Some dump trucks have a ladder on one side, while others have a ladder on each side. During all sorts of work projects, there can be times when you need to get into the dump body. Rather than open the tailgate and attempt to climb through this space, it's far easier, quicker, and safer to simply ascend the ladder on the side of the vehicle and step into the dump body.


You'll also find certain dump trucks that are equipped with a vibrator device. This is a piece of equipment that is affixed to the underside of the dump body and designed to gently vibrate the dump body when there's a need. While certain materials will easily slide out of the dump body when you raise it, other things can stick to the bottom. Materials that are wet — stone dust, for example — can often cause this issue. When materials are stuck and won't slide out, you have an issue to deal with. A vibrator will cause enough vibration in the dump body to knock these materials loose.

Air Release Tailgate

On some dump trucks, you need to manually release the tailgate each time you're ready to dump a load. Doing so adds another step to the dumping process, which can lengthen the job. It's handy if you choose a dump truck that is equipped with an air-release tailgate. This feature allows you to release the tailgate with the touch of a button, which will speed up the dumping process. Learn more about these and other useful features to have in your dump truck when you visit a dump truck dealership.

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2 February 2023

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